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Managing News Stories

Summary text is best limited to 1-3 sentences, and featured images will look best if all ratios match (current ratio 2x3 landscape). This is an example story.
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Census Update

The 2020 Census helps your community get money for programs and services. It also helps decide
school districts and how many legislators represent you at our state capitol and in Washington.
Every count is important – every person counted could mean up to $1,675 per year
per person for your community’s funding over the next 10 years.
The 2020 Census takes less than 15 minutes to complete by mail, phone or online.
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News Alerts

Urgent stories can be given an alert for parents or community members. This will generate a popup box when you log in, and you can opt to read the full story, dismiss the message once, or opt to not show again. You may set an expiration for the alert.
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